3 Reasons to Choose Video Projectors vs. Screens and Displays


Movie projectors offer many advantages over an ordinary LED screen. They're high-value, providing an incredibly low cost-per-screen-inch ratio, all without compromising the quality of your viewing experience.

Video projectors are a lot of fun, but many remain wary. If you've never strayed far from the realm of physical screens and displays, you might find yourself intrigued. What is the difference between a projection and a screen?

1. You Can Make the Screen as Big or as Small as You Want

A bunch of people using a movie projector at a party.

Pocket projectors, portable projectors, phone projectors, and smart projectors can all stand in as a mega-sized alternative to a traditional display.

Smart projectors deliver an image resolution customized to whatever you've got to work with. Your kid's bedroom wall, the outside of a white garage door, or even just a bedsheet or shower curtain can all play the part.

This bonus also comes with another key advantage: with a smart projector, you're free to cast the image anywhere, against any suitably light surface.

2. They're Great for People Who Hate Screen Fatigue

A digital movie projector, the LG Beamer.

Screens convey the image depicted by way of direct light. Projectors, on the other hand, are a little more forgiving on the eyes. Indirect light allows you to indulge at length without zonking your face off.

The larger your projected image, the less likely it'll be to cause eye strain and eye fatigue, which may even help you sleep more soundly after the final credit roll.

We love smart movie projectors because they let us bring that Cinemark feeling home with us. It feels a lot more like watching films on the big screen than watching a movie on the cheap. Just add popcorn.

3. Many Are Portable and Can Be Taken Anywhere

A digital projector in a dark room.

A small projector is the perfect thing to bring along if you've got a camping trip or any other outdoor gathering coming up. Mini projectors and even projectors for your phone can all be used to put on an impromptu movie night, no matter where you and your crew happen to be hanging out.

Beowulf on the beach? Now you're talkin'. With the right smart projector, you've got an entire drive-in movie theater ready to go, right in your backpack.

Movie Projectors vs. Screens: Which Should You Choose?

Mini projectors and projectors for laptops are both excellent ways to watch your favorite titles anywhere. We hate the feeling of being tethered in one place to a screen or device—we also love the feeling of getting creative with where we cast the image next in our home.

Whether you go with the smallest projector possible or the latest and greatest Samsung projector on the market currently, one thing that we can guarantee is that movie night will never be the same.


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