3 Reasons Why You Should Try ProtonMail


You may have heard that some email providers scan the contents of your inbox. While sometimes this can help create reminders and suggested responses, some providers do it for advertising and data collection purposes, which some users may find a little creepy.

ProtonMail wants to help you take back your privacy with a highly secure email service that avoids using an ad-based revenue model. In this article, we'll outline several reasons why you may want to sign up for an account and give it a try.

Only You Have Access to Your Emails in ProtonMail

Thanks to ProtonMail's extensive security measures, your inbox is limited to your eyes only. Even the staff and security experts at the company can't read a single thread in your inbox as they're unable to decrypt them.

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What's more, the messages you send are encrypted before they leave your outbox and only decrypted when the receiver opens them. That means no third parties along the way can make sense of it if they were to intercept.

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Some may wonder who needs such privacy besides spies and criminals. But think of the businesses and individuals that need to communicate sensitive information such as medical and financial documents. Even those working in labs, startups, or any creative field may want one of the most secure email providers when discussing top-secret projects.

ProtonMail Leaves Your Data Alone

Your data is like the office birthday cake. Everyone wants a piece—even those that pretend they don't. However, with ProtonMail, the company wants you to keep it.

ProtonMail doesn't sell or analyze your data—it doesn't even peek. Even if the ProtonMail team wanted to, it can't as it uses the same end-to-end encryption for your data as it does with its email service.

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Additionally, the service doesn't track you. It doesn't record what you search, who you talk to, when you log in, your IP address—nada. Of course, that comes with some caveats.

It's easy to think a service like this may benefit criminals and allow them to carry out sketchy activities, but even a company built on pillars of privacy needs to comply with the law. It's all in ProtonMail's transparency report.

ProtonMail Offers Other Benefits

Besides top-notch security features, ProtonMail comes with a host of other benefits too. Let's check them out:

Ad-Free Email Client

Just as the service won't sell your information to advertisers, you won't see third-party ads within the service either—even if you're using the free account. It's open-source software that makes its money from paid subscriptions and contributions.

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User-Friendly for Beginners

While it may sound complex, ProtonMail is highly user-friendly. All you need to do is sign up for an account, and you can start sending emails from any device to any address.

If you're using a mobile device, you can't use the service with a third-party mail app such as Apple Mail. However, you can download the ProtonMail app for iOS or Android.

Sleek Design

Screenshot of a computer showcasing a digital calendar with time blocks

The user interface is easy to use and navigate. Additionally, you can choose from various themes available in dark and light mode—all of which are visually pleasing. The theme you activate extends to ProtonCalendar, a built-in service that allows you to keep track of appointments.

ProtonMail Goes Beyond Security

As with any software, app, or provider, it's always good practice to read the documentation to see if it's right for you and whether it will meet your needs.

However, even if you're not sending top secret emails, you can enjoy using ProtonMail thanks to its ad-free business model, user-friendly design, and the fact that it keeps its hands off your data.

It's one of many great options in email providers and worth adding to the list if you're looking for a new one.


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