4 Reasons Why You Don’t Need to Upgrade Your AirPods Every Year


Since they first burst onto the scene in late 2016, the popularity of Apple AirPods has grown significantly. While you could previously get wired headphones with new iPhones and the like, you can’t do likewise with AirPods. This has created a sense of exclusivity, with many associating the earphones with a sign of status.

Of course, some people also simply like Apple products for their design and quality. In either case, many users feel the need to upgrade their AirPods every time a new generation comes out. Doing so, however, isn’t the wisest choice to make.

Let’s dig deeper to find out you don’t need to upgrade your AirPods whenever Apple releases a new model.

1. You Might Not Care About the New Features

Some AirPods features, such as sweat and water resistance, are beneficial. And if you notice something that you actually need, then investing in a new pair of earphones might be a wise decision.

Often, though, like upgrading a smartphone, users will buy a new pair of AirPods for trivial upgrades—such as aesthetics. Though in many cases, most people looking at these changes won’t notice a difference.

If you find yourself buying AirPods for the sake of minor new features that you don’t really need, you’re better off saving your money instead.

2. AirPods Batteries Were Designed to Last Longer Than a Year

Photo of a person looking at their AirPods' charging status

AirPods batteries are getting better and better. But at the same time, chances are the battery life in your current AirPods is still more than sufficient.

When you use your AirPods, you should have more than enough juice to get you through a workout or your daily commute. They’ll also last a reasonable amount of time when connected to your Mac for work or while lounging about at home.

If your AirPods don’t charge anymore, or if the battery life is pitifully short, then you should consider buying a new pair. But if it drains because you’re using them a lot, you might want to rethink how you use them first.

3. Older AirPods Are Cheaper Now

The best wireless earphones can often leave a big hole in your pocket. Considering that AirPods were created by one of the world’s most famous tech companies—with a premium brand to match—it’s unsurprising that AirPods cost a pretty penny.

If you don’t have a huge budget, don’t worry; the previous versions of AirPods usually get cheaper when new models come out. For example, when Apple released the third generation AirPods in October 2021, the price was $179—but the company knocked the second-generation AirPods down to $129 in the same move.

In terms of sound quality, you probably won’t notice too many differences between aligning generations. And if that’s all you’re going for, you’re better off either waiting a little while or buying an older model.

4. You Might Find Another Pair of Earphones You Prefer

Although AirPods are excellent for listening to audio, they’re not the only wireless earphones on the market. And in some cases, they might not even be the best choice for you.

AirPods are just one of many wireless earbuds available these days. Even if you’re loyal to Apple because you love its other products, that doesn’t mean you won’t find other earphones better suited for your needs.

Before committing to any pair of earphones, whether created by Apple or someone else, it’s worth doing a bit of shopping around. If you still decide that AirPods are the best choice for you, go ahead and grab a pair.

Think Carefully Before Buying New AirPods

For many people, AirPods are the holy grail of wireless earphones, but we often don’t stop to think about whether we really need a new pair. And if you only upgraded last year, the answer is probably no.

Besides the cost of AirPods, it’s also crucial to think about the environmental impact of going through so many sets of earphones for no reason. And if you’re buying them as a status symbol, it might be worth questioning if you really want to impress the people you’re trying to look good in front of.

No gadget lasts forever, and you will need to upgrade your earphones at some point. But if the points we made in this article resonate with you, it’s often best to hold onto your money—and your current AirPods—a little longer.


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