4 Ways to Spot a Fake Retail Website


When you’re shopping online, it’s important to make sure that you're visiting, and more importantly buying, from a legitimate website. The last thing you want is to spend your money on fake items or items that'll never turn up.

There are a few indicators to show you that a website can’t be trusted. Here's how you can spot a fake retail website.

1. The Prices Are Too Cheap

If you think the price is too good to be true, you are probably right. When the website you are browsing on offers cheap deals, investigating the legitimacy of that website will help you avoid getting scammed.

For instance, if the sneakers you want typically cost $170, seeing the same pair retail online for $20 should let you know that it is most likely a scam.

Wish Prices Screenshot

Even though cheap prices are a cause for concern, legitimate discount online retailers like Shein exist.

2. An Unusual URL Name

Some fake websites look like real websites. However, a suspicious URL name is an immediate cause for suspicion. If you come across a website with random letters, that should raise a concern.

For instance, you could stumble across a website with the domain, which is most likely not genuine. Typically, random URL names get created automatically when cybercriminals duplicate websites and replace the domain name.

Verifying the domain name is also important because scammers could use a URL name that is very similar to a legitimate website but with differences that could be missed easily. For example, you could be looking at a .xyz domain rather than .com.

3. Frequent Grammar and Spelling Issues

Good grammar and spelling is a basic necessity for any website. Legitimate brands ensure that the website goes through multiple checks for any grammatical issues.

If you come across a website with poor spelling and grammar, that is an indication that the website was poorly created with little to no oversight. Even if the website isn't a scam and is genuinely riddled with mistakes, it's not a very good sign for that company.

4. Poor Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to find out if a retail website is fake is through customer reviews. When you want to shop on an unfamiliar website, checking previous customer reviews will let you know their shopping experiences. You can find customer reviews on some of the best complaint sites for angry customers. customer review complaint

You can also use YouTube as a useful tool to spot fake retail websites. Several people create videos of scam websites where they showcase the fake products they received or poor experiences. Other people that were scammed typically engage in the comment section of these videos.

YouTube review search screenshot

It's worth bearing in mind that reviews may not always reflect the experiences of the majority, sometimes accidents and mistakes do happen. However, if the majority of reviews scream that the website is fake, it would be best to listen to the warnings.

Always Make Sure You Check Out New Websites

Online scams are pretty much unavoidable, so it's more important than ever to check out any new website you visit. Even if the site isn't a scam, you may find that poor experiences mean that your money would be better spent elsewhere.


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