5 Dog Whistle and Clicker Training Apps for Android


In February, I became a dog parent for the first time and was thrust into a world of training, treats, and positive reinforcement. Everyone knows that training a puppy is a big responsibility, but it’s not until you actually have to do it that you realize what transforming a tiny land-shark into a polite member of canine society really entails.

While the use of apps for dog training is somewhat controversial, I’m on the side of if it works—then go for it!


Why Would You Use an App Instead of the Real Thing?

Whistle and clickers are among the many dog training apps you can get.

Although I prefer to use a real whistle to communicate with my dog, I can see the appeal of having a whistle or clicker app download onto your phone. While it’s easy to accidentally leave a whistle or a clicker at home, most of us don’t leave the house without our smartphone, and so using an app to train your dog could help you to be more consistent with your training.

What’s more, while whistles and clickers are relatively affordable, most of these apps are free, so they’re a great way to test the waters and see if your dog is receptive to whistle or clicker training before you invest in the necessary physical equipment.


1. EveryDoggy – Dog Whistle & Training app

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Up first we have EveryDoggy. If you’re just looking for a whistle or a clicker, then bypass the prompts that encourage you to upgrade to a pro version of the app. On the free version of EveryDoggy, you’ll find the clicker and whistle at the bottom of your screen.

The whistle can be adjusted to your preferred frequency and the clicker volume can be changed without altering your overall phone volume.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive training resource, then the pro version of this app can also help you to set up and stick to a training regime. There’s even the option to join challenges and start doggy training courses.


Do be careful when downloading and setting up EveryDoggy if you want to avoid accidentally triggering a free trial of the pro version. If this is a concern for you, then consider using one of the other free apps on this list.

Download: EveryDoggy (Free, premium version available)

2. Dog Whistle High-Frequency Generator

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Up next, we have Dog Whistle High-Frequency Generator. This ad-supported app has an easy-to-use interface and provides basic access to a whistle and clicker feature.

Unlike some other apps, the whistle can be adjusted from 200Hz all the way up to 22000Hz, which is well out of the human hearing range. Once you’ve found a frequency that works for your dog, you can save it to use again.


The dog clicker aspect of this app is also customizable and allows you to alternate between three different clicker sounds.

While the Dog Whistle High-Frequency Generator app may not be as comprehensive as EveryDoggy, it is 100% free.

Download: Dog Whistle High-Frequency Generator (Free)

3. Dog Whistle & Puppy Training Apps

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This app is relatively new to the market and was only released in July of 2021. Like the Dog Whistle High-Frequency Generator app, it’s simple and easy to use. The app provides a whistle, a clicker, and a small selection of training tips—nothing more and nothing less.

There are three dog clicker sounds to choose from, and the whistle can also be customized from 200 to 22000Hz. While the app shows a lot of promise, at present, you can’t save your favorite whistle, and the whistle sound plays constantly on every press, making it a little difficult to create more advanced whistle commands.


Download: Dog Whistle & Puppy Training Apps (Free)

4. Dog Clicker – Clicker Training & Dog Training

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If you’re looking for a fuss-free and ad-free dog clicker, then the Dog Clicker – Clicker Training app is as simple as it comes.

Tap the screen, and the app clicks—that’s all there is to it. While simplicity is sometimes best, the app could benefit from a couple of extra features, such as increasing the volume and changing the clicker sound. There's not a whole lot more to say about this app—it's a clicker and it clicks!

Download: Dog Clicker (Free)

5. Dog Clicker – Train Dog

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Finally, we have the Dog Clicker – Train Dog app. This app strikes a happy medium between simplicity and intricacy.


The app has a basic interface with a simple clicker, a whistle that can be set to four different frequencies, and a training section that will walk you through how to use the clicker and how to apply it to a variety of different training scenarios.

The app also has a soundboard, which appears to be a collection of cat and dog sounds that could come in handy for desensitization.

Download: Dog Clicker – Train Dog (Free)

Do Whistle and Clicker Apps Actually Work?

At the end of the day, you can train a dog to respond to any sound. Whistles are popular for recall because they cut through other sounds, while clickers are popular for positive reinforcement training because they provide an artificial sound that most dogs don’t hear on a day-to-day basis.


With this in mind, there’s no reason why a whistle or a clicker sound played through your phone wouldn’t have the same effect as a real-life whistle or clicker, unless your dog has already become pre-conditioned to respond to a different clicker or whistle sound, or the volume on your device is not sufficient enough for your dog to hear.

Using Tech to Care for Your Pet

From activity trackers to nutrition apps, technology is making it easier than ever to care for your pets.

While tech may never be a perfect substitute for your own love and affection, it can definitely help you to manage training, vet appointments, and to keep an eye on your furry friend when you’re out of the house. Who knows what kinds of pet-care technology we may see in the near future!



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