5 Features We Don’t Like in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3


Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold series introduced a whole new category of foldable smartphones that can be used as tablets back in 2019. The Fold 3 is the newest and the most advanced foldable smartphone that Samsung offers in 2021.

Samsung has managed to make several changes under the hood this year. However, the Z Fold 3 is still far from perfect and has some quirks despite all the improvements. So, here are the top reasons why we don't like the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

1. Battery Life Could Be a Problem on the Fold 3

Galaxy Z Fold 3 on the desk
Image Credit: Samsung

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 packs a slightly smaller 4400mAh battery compared to its predecessor. Although it's just a difference of 100mAh, you have to consider that the phone has two 120Hz screens instead of one.

High refresh rate displays have a reputation for chewing through the battery life, and the fact that Samsung hasn't bumped up the battery capacity is a concern.

2. No Dust Resistance Yet on the Fold 3

Galaxy Z Fold 3 product image
Image Credit: Samsung

Samsung has somehow managed to add water resistance to the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which is a first for a foldable smartphone. It gets an IPX8 certified water resistance rating, but if you don't know how IP ratings work, the X in the IPX8 stands for dust resistance. The lack of a number implies that it has no dust resistance at all.

This means that finer dust and grit can still find their way into the vulnerable hinge. So, you have to handle the device carefully if you intend to keep it in pristine condition.

3. The Fold 3 Features Average Cameras

galaxy fold 3 cameras
Image Credit: Samsung

The cameras on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 aren't that impressive for 2021's standards. You can say the Galaxy S21 series does a better job at taking photos. In fact, the Fold 3 uses the same primary camera setup as the Fold 2. For a smartphone that costs $1799, Samsung has no excuses for sticking with the same camera configuration.

At the very least, the company could've used the same camera setup as the Galaxy S21 Ultra. But for now, this is not the smartphone you should buy if picture quality is your top priority.

4. Poor Under-Display Selfie Camera

Unlike its predecessor, the Z Fold 3 sports an under-display selfie camera to eliminate the hole-punch cutout on the inner screen. This is a first for a Samsung smartphone. However, this is a first-generation technology with downsides.

For starters, you can still see the under-display camera if you look for it since that portion of the screen is heavily pixelated. And even though the camera sensor is rated at 16MP, it only takes 4MP photos since it's hidden beneath the pixels. The final result is a picture that looks slightly hazy. You'd be better off using the selfie camera on the cover screen instead.

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5. The S Pen Situation

galaxy fold 3 s pen
Image Credit: Samsung

Samsung has finally added support for the S Pen in the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but there's a catch. You cannot use an older S Pen from the Galaxy S21 Ultra or the Note 20.

The company has released two new S Pens designed with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in mind, namely the S Pen Fold Edition and the S Pen Pro. These new styluses have rubber tips so that you don't have to worry about scratching the foldable display.

You have to buy the S Pen separately if you didn't pre-order the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The S Pen Fold Edition costs $50, whereas the S Pen Pro with Bluetooth commands will set you back $100.

Samsung makes a special case to keep the S Pen Fold Edition attached to your phone, which you'll need to buy separately too. And if you purchased the bigger, more expensive S Pen Pro, you'll need to find somewhere else to put it.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 Has Room for Improvements

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a refinement over the previous generations, and you can tell that Samsung has learned from its mistakes. It no longer feels like a first-generation foldable with all the improvements to the hinge mechanism, cover screen, and overall durability.

However, the Fold 3 still has a lot of room to improve, and if it weren't for all these cons, it would've been the ultimate flagship of 2021.


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