5 Ways a Vacuum and Mop Robot Will Improve Your Life


Should you buy a vacuum robot? Neat freaks, workaholics, and even just people with no time to scrub will all find a lot to love in the right vacuum and mop robot.

Here are some of the reasons that we love robot vacuum cleaners. We can't help but to think that you'll be inclined to agree.

1. You'll Spend Less Time Doing Chores

An Alexa-controlled robot vacuum.

We value our free time. We know that you probably do, too.

We recommend wasting less of it on your daily or weekly floor routine. Instead of slaving away over a bucket of soapy water, a robot sweeper can take care of the dirty work for you.

2. You Can Choose the Perfect Cleaning Schedule

Choosing a schedule for a vacuum cleaning robot with its smartphone app.

Smart cleaning devices in general are awesome because you can schedule every session around your busy schedule. Robotic vacuums are no exception.

This goes beyond just setting it and forgetting it. All of the best robot vacuums come with their own smartphone apps that allow you to instruct it remotely, even away from home. You can even use many of these apps to call the machine to your side at any time. Now that's service.

3. The On-Board Navigation Systems Are Cool

A robot vacuum using its on-board navigation system.

Laser distance sensor navigation, room-mapping, advanced prioritization features, and more all make these robotic vacuum cleaners feel like something straight out of a science fiction movie. How are these things so smart, anyway?

There are many gadgets and gizmos in place to prevent your bot from bumping itself to death and that enable it to do things like find its home charging base automatically. These features may include camera-based mapping, Lidar, gyroscopes, and more.

4. Two-in-Ones Vacuum Mops Can Literally Do It All

A robotic vacuum mop with lots of features.

A Roomba or something similar is great for carpeting, but for your kitchen, bathroom, or any hardwood floor in your house, you'll definitely want to make the upgrade to a vacuum and mop robot. Higher-end models are able to tackle hardwood flooring and high-pile, shaggy carpet just the same.

A robot that mops and vacuums like the Proscenic M7 keeps your home spic-and-span. For that fresh-floor feeling without the backache, mopping and vacuuming robots go way beyond an ordinary automatic vacuum.

5. They're Cute as a Button

A robotic vacuum cleaner, surveying its domain.

What can we say? We're shallow. Robot vacuums are sleek, compact, and absolutely adorable.

If you've ever fantasized about having your own miniature robot assistant, your time has come. They'll earn their keep, too. So worth it.

Just A Few Reasons to Love Robot Vacuums

There is no greater feeling than watching your robotic vacuum whiz by as you lounge on the couch like royalty. Little makes a house feel as clean and inviting as spotless floors and lush, clean carpeting. Now, you can have it all without even thinking about it.


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