9 Beauty Gadgets to Add to Your Makeup Table


The realms of beauty and technology have become increasingly intertwined over the past several years, much to the delight of the beauty-obsessed and tech-savvy customers. The market has seen an emergence of a slew of products, from acne-zapping, LED light masks to face-sculpting vibrating rollers.

These shiny pieces of technology have truly changed the face of beauty. If you’re among those who want to upgrade their at-home skincare routine, here are some beauty tech tools that deserve a space on your makeup table.

1. Personalized Lipstick Shade Creator

assorted lipsticks with pulverized powder

If you love trying out lipstick in every shade imaginable but don't like seeing your makeup table cluttered, then it’s probably time to get yourself a personalized lipstick shade creator. This ingenious gizmo lets you make a new lipstick shade whenever you want–all in a matter of minutes and from the convenience of your bedroom.

One iteration of this device comes with a mobile app, where you can pick the shade you want to wear for the day. The device will automatically dispense a single serving of that particular shade.

The app then saves your preferred amount of lipstick, as well as the most recently created shade. You can also use the virtual shade closet to keep your favorite shades for future use.

2. Facial Steamer

Steamers are probably your go-to tools when it comes to straightening creases from clothes and cleaning grime off floors. Interestingly, these devices are not only effective for household use but also for your skincare routine.

A facial steamer produces warm mists that work on unclogging the pores on your face. It heats a tank of water until it becomes steamy, then emits this mist via an opening. The steam loosens the debris and impurities that block pores, making them easier to remove when cleansing.

Facial steamers also improve the effectiveness of your creams and serums. When you steam your face, you’re left with freshly cleaned pores that can absorb the active ingredients in skincare products more quickly and effectively.

3. UV or LED Nail Lamp

woman doing manicure at home

Obsessed with gel nail manicures but can’t keep up with nail appointments? Then set up a DIY gel manicure station right in your bedroom.

Apart from your gel nail polish, all you really need is a UV or LED nail lamp. It cures your gel manicure in a matter of seconds, making it last as long as possible. Most of these lamps also come with convenient features, including timer settings, one-touch controls, and automatic shut-off, to help you achieve salon-level manicures at home.

4. LED Therapy Mask

An LED therapy mask is simply a face mask with LED lights. It produces light in different wavelengths, which then penetrates the skin to address different skincare issues.

For instance, red light promotes circulation, making it an ideal treatment for people wanting to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and lines. On the other hand, blue light helps reduce those annoying acne breakouts by targeting the bacteria that cause them.

These are the two most commonly used colors. However, there are also available masks that use other colors, such as amber that revs up collagen production, and green that evens out skin tone.

5. Vibrating Facial Massage Tools

woman getting massaged with face roller

With the advent of microcurrent devices and LED therapy masks, vibrating face massagers look like a relatively low-tech option. But even though these facial tools don't use electrical currents or LED lights to deliver that spa-quality treatment, you can still achieve great results from using them.

In essence, vibrating facial massage tools are like upgraded face rollers. They emit sonic vibrations to add a massage-like effect to skin rolling, amplifying the benefits of traditional facial treatments. With these gadgets, you will have relaxed muscles, minimize puffiness, and a plumper, more toned and more revitalized skin.

6. Microcurrent Facial Toning Device

A microcurrent facial toning device uses microcurrent technology. This non-invasive therapy produces a low-grade current, comparable to that of the body's natural electrical currents. This current stimulates your facial muscles, perking them up within a few minutes.

Similar to how an ab exercise helps in toning your stomach, microcurrent treatment contours the muscles in your face to give you a more lifted and young-looking appearance. No need to use the best filters to get that flawless selfie.

But apart from giving your face a workout, microcurrent also promotes circulation, boosts the production of collagen and elastin (proteins that give the skin shape and texture), and helps the skin absorb products better.

7. Smart Mirror

mirror with four lipsticks and a makeup brush

A smart mirror looks like an ordinary sheet of glance at first glance, but it actually comes with a digital display featuring a plethora of smart options.

It's great for keeping up with the news, weather, and traffic updates while getting ready for work. The best smart mirrors even help you out with your skincare and makeup routine, while others guide you through intense workout sessions.

Since smart mirrors can be connected to the internet and your phone, you can also use them for checking emails, getting reminders, and doing simple Google searches. If you want to take your makeup table up a notch, invest in a smart mirror with a built-in camera, speaker, and microphone to get additional features.

8. 3D Makeup Printer

Have you ever come across anything on the internet that you wished you could use as makeup? Well now it’s possible thanks to 3D makeup printers.

These revolutionary gadgets can turn any picture into wearable makeup in just a couple of seconds. Simply launch the printer’s mobile app, import the photo that you want to print, and bada bing bada boom, you’ve got yourself an image made up of wearable color cosmetics.

The beauty of 3D makeup printers is that you can wear practically any color imaginable without crowding your makeup table. In fact, one iteration of this device can print over 16 million colors. You'll never have to worry about running out of makeup again.

9. Skincare Fridge

skincare fridge with various products

If you've always liked the idea of chilled beauty products, then a skincare fridge is the perfect addition to your makeup station. These cute, pint-sized refrigerators are designed to hold cosmetics, such as lotions, creams, and masks, rather than actual food items.

A skincare fridge, however, is more than just aesthetic storage on your table. It is actually a convenient way to make your favorite products last longer. Especially for formulas containing vitamin C or those without preservatives, refrigeration can help extend their shelf lives.

Chilling your skincare products can also improve the application experience and provide some benefits to your skin. For instance, refrigerated sheet masks have a cooling effect that soothes the skin and minimizes redness.

Bring the Spa Experience to Your Bedroom With These Beauty Gadgets

From 3D-printed cosmetics to personalized lipstick makers, technology has totally revolutionized the beauty industry. In this new era, it's now easy to bring high-tech beauty tools straight into your bedroom.

And perhaps the biggest advantage of this evolution is that you no longer have to deal with appointments at spas, salons, and wellness clinics. Instead, you can pamper yourself right in the convenience of your home.


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