9 Open-Source React Native App Templates for Android Development in 2021


When it comes to app development, creating a foolproof interface with multiple device compatibility is still a challenge. React Native is a framework that helps you create a native-looking mobile app.

The following best React Native Android app templates of 2021 will help you develop apps on a budget.

1. Hooligram Chat App

An image showing GitHub page of Hooligram

If you are looking for an app template to create production-level and unorthodox texting apps, you can look into the Hooligram chat app project on GitHub. Hooligram is a messaging app with an interface similar to WhatsApp.

Since it uses React Native's framework, the app runs effortlessly on any platform—including Android. If you decide to use this template, you can also use the Hooligram server—which lets you store real-time user data.

It will also offer you enhanced technical knowledge about text editing, group chats, multi-line texts, and so on.

2. Meteor Live Chat App

Visualization of the React Native package of Meteor Chat Live

Live chats have enjoyed increased popularity in recent times, as more people prefer to communicate in a non-verbal format. To create a live chat app that contains a simple interface, you can use the Meteor chat app template. It is one of the best React Native chat apps.

Besides developing Android apps, you can also use this template to create apps for iOS devices. This Android app template is based on React Native and Meteor server. The languages used are CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

Through this app template, you can create CRUD apps in SQL databases for forms-based data entry.

3. Rocket.Chat App

The display of app interface of the Rocket.Chat app

Rocket.Chat is an app with advanced-level collaboration services used primarily for customer interaction. However, users can use this app for file sharing, video streaming, attending virtual meetings, and more.

The Rocket.Chat React Native template is an open-source Android app template that you can use to create a similar chat app. You can leverage this app template to learn about developing an online collaboration app development for various businesses.

More than 90% of this template is written with JavaScript. By using this template for app development, you can add features like new message parsing and display preference mode.

4. GitterMobile Community and Texting App

The GitterMobile React Native package visualization on GitHub

GitterMobile is the React Native Android app that makes collaboration among teammates and group members effortless. Developers use this app to connect with their peers on GitHub and GitLab, plus others.

You can use the GitterMobile template to develop a sophisticated communication app that contains manual chat rooms. Another exciting feature is that it enables you to mention other members during communication.

You can add various cool React Native features to your app with this template. Some features are Redux support, navigation, invertible scroll view, vector icons, scrollable tab view, blob fetching, and transformable images.

5. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

An image showing the internet search engine DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo revolutionized the search engine industry by prioritizing the privacy of the users. At present, it is ready to take on the giants like Google and Microsoft. The React Native app template of DuckDuckGo is available for everyone.

Now, you can also derive inspiration from this template for developing a next-gen search engine. This React Native app template also supports iOS, Windows mobile, and Android TV.

If you want to build a search engine that does not modify the search results based on user preference, use this app template. The Android app template of DuckDUckGo includes languages like Kotlin, HTML, Ruby, JavaScript, C++, and CMake.

6. Gifted Chat App

The visualization of GitHub space for Gifted Chat

Are you willing to develop a React Native chat app that will offer a complete user interface for a perfect user experience? Use the Gifted Chat React Native app template and accomplish app development with minimum effort.

Gifted Chat will allow you to incorporate a chat UI in your Android React Native chat apps. This template lets you include some advanced elements in your chat app like adding an avatar, copy text to the clipboard, quick reply bots, and location-based automatic date.

This app template uses TypeScript and JavaScript language. The fully customizable components of this template also offer features like React Native typing animation, React Native parsed text, Redux support, attaching images, and so on.

7. HackerNews App

An image showing GitHub package of the HackersNews React Native app

Do you want to build a news portal app for Android with all the latest features? Try HackerNews. The app uses React Native framework version 0.20 and provides all the latest news about current or forthcoming React Native projects.

With this template, you can easily create a similar application for news. It also offers features like commenting and sub-commenting after every news item. Therefore, users can have the experience of a seamless interaction in your app.

Users can easily pull down the app interface to refresh the news list and get the latest news on the top of the news list. You’ll also get attributes like Pagination ListView, and WebView.

8. React Native Walkthrough Flow App

A visualization of the React Native app package of Walkthrough Flow

Recently, the high dependency on apps for the hiring process has increased the demand for recruitment and onboarding apps. React Native Walkthrough Flow is the template developers can use to create onboarding apps.

This highly customizable source code is completely based on JavaScript. Because of this, you can fully utilize your creativity to create a unique recruitment app with the help of the open-source template.

It allows you to develop apps that benefit a recruitment team through account creation on different online job portals, new service sign-up, and many more.

You can also add as many steps as you want in the app while including elements for a professional user interface (UI). It will ensure the best user experience in terms of features and usability.

9. Perfi Spending Tracker App

Graphical representation of Perfi app package on GitHub

Expense tracking apps have become famous among busy professionals and others who want to manage their spending. Perfi is a popular personal expense tracker app that uses React Native platform. You can use the free template of this Android app to build an app that does something similar.

This React Native app template is written in JavaScript language. It can help you develop an intuitive spend tracking app with a UI compatible with most devices.

With this template, you can create an app that offers features like multiple account creation, tracking income, and adding transactions with footnotes.

Faster App Development Through React Native

React Native apps offer a professional and standardized experience to the users. You can make the best use of your time and money using any of the above-mentioned open-source React Native app templates. Once you've given each of these a try, you'll have a better idea on how you can develop better apps faster.


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