Amazon Is Working on a Smart Fridge That Orders More Food for You


Amazon is apparently far from done introducing unique smart home technology.

According to a new report from Insider, the e-commerce giant is developing a smart refrigerator with some great features.

We’ll take a closer look at the report and discuss how the smart refrigerator could work.

Building A Grocery Network

open fridge door

Interestingly, the fridge is being worked on by the same team that created the Amazon GO cashierless grocery stores featuring technology like computer vision.

As currently designed, the unit reportedly tracks what’s in the fridge, purchase habits, and will predict what you want. Those items would be automatically delivered by, you guessed it, from Amazon or a Whole Foods grocery store.

It’s not really surprising that Amazon is looking to create a stronger foothold in your kitchen. There are a wide variety of smart fridges on the market from big names like LG and Samsung. The report also said that Amazon would likely partner with another manufacturer if its smart fridge ever becomes a reality.

You can already find a number of other kitchen gadgets and devices with smart home technology, even Amazon has its own microwave that works with its virtual assistant Alexa. But refrigerators are the biggest, most expensive, and one of the longest-lasting appliances in a kitchen.

Do You Really Need an Amazon Smart Fridge?

While an Amazon smart fridge may never see the light of day, it’s a definite possibility that one day you might be able to have a refrigerator that does much more than just keep your food cold and fresh.

As seen with the recent unveiling of the Amazon Astro home robot, the company continues to come up with unique hardware offerings. We'll have to wait and see if any of the devices ever become hits.


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