Automate Your Chores With This Samsung Jet Bot Vacuum Deal


Having a robot keep on top of your cleaning sounds a bit like something from The Jetsons. However, fiction has become fact over recent years, as robot vacuums continue to gain popularity.

Samsung is one company that has a share of the robot vacuum cleaner (RVC) market, with an excellent candidate for your new bionic butler, and it has a fantastic deal on its Jet Bot, today.

Save $100 On a Samsung Jet Bot Robot Vacuum

Continuing its week of daily deals, Samsung turns to chores. More specifically, doing your chores for you. This is by way of the Samsung Jet Bot, which you can save $100 on, for one day only (September 24th).

You can buy the Jet Bot vacuum cleaner for only $499.99 at Samsung.com, where it usually retails at $599. Believe this writer when he says you won't look back once you've got an RVC in your life.

What Does the Samsung Jet Bot Do?

samsung jet bot vacuum lidar sensors

Well, you already know it is a robot vacuum cleaner, so it should be fairly obvious what the device does; it vacuums! However, there is a bit more to it than just vacuuming.

Thanks to its LiDAR sensors, the vacuum is able to map all of the rooms in your house, with the ability to map out each floor so you can direct it to cleaning certain areas. Note, the RVC is like a Dalek; it can't ascend or descend stairs. You'' need to physically take it to a different floor.

It also cleans in a linear fashion. This means it will clean in uniform, zig-zag lines. Cheaper models use a random cleaning mode (also known as bounce mode), which can result in patches of dust remaining after a clean. Bounce mode is as it sounds; the robot will change direction when it hits a wall or obstacle, but doesn't clean in a uniform pattern like the Jet Bot does.

You can even schedule cleans straight from your mobile phone; you don't actually need to be home to clean your house! Just head into the native app and set your robot off cleaning. Then you can put your feet up with a glass of wine when you arrive home to a nice clean carpet!

Interested in a Samsung Jet Bot Vacuum?

One word; convenience. The level of convenience a robovac grants is quite a luxury. It can keep on top of floor-based detritus, meaning you can just do one manual clean a week for a thorough job, and then allow Jet Bot to maintain the cleanliness. This obviously saves you time.

So, instead of spending your evening cleaning when you get home, you can enjoy much more exciting pursuits, knowing your Jet bot has done the dirty work for you.


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