Develop Apps for Apple Platform With a Comprehensive Course on SwiftUI


The launch of Apple’s own programming language “Swift” in 2014 was exciting news. It’s an enormous undertaking towards Apple’s goal of getting everyone coding, simplifying the basics so you can spend more time on custom features that delight your users.

SwiftUI lets you ignore interface builder and storyboards without having to write step-by-instructions for laying out UI. You can preview a Swift UI view side-by-side with it’ code.

And, it’s less code than you write for UIkit, which means easier to understand, edit, and debug. We have a deal for you on developing apps for Apple platform with SwiftUI that we think you’ll like.

What’s in the Bundle

The three-course bundle covers everything about SwiftUI Right from the beginning, you’ll get to develop apps without delving into much theory. Let’s explore the bundle in detail:

the complete SwiftUI developer bundle
  1. The Complete SwiftUI Developer Course: It’s a practical course on SwiftUI with know-how on building apps like WhatsApp cline, Landmark Book app, and Catch the Kenny game. You’ll learn how to create a user interface for apps with theory and detailed practical sessions in each lecture.
  2. SwiftUI Apps for All Apple Platforms: Learn the basics of Swift UI by building a to-do list app and transform it into an iPad app as well. And then, create a watch and Mac app and know the difference and code tactics.
  3. SwiftUI Animations: A fun course with projects for beginners and advanced developers. You’ll learn the techniques and ways of translating your ideas for animation and motion into apps. For the project, you’ll get to know how to animate a weather app with data and combine animations to create a unique effect.

Should You Buy This Bundle

The Swift APIs are consistent across all platforms, and since Apple is consistently evolving them in every WWDC conference, it makes sense to make a transition into Swift.

It’ll be easier to develop the same-ish apps on multiple platforms using the same source code on each. So enroll yourself in the SwiftUI developer course and get started. The deal is available for only $25.


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