Enhance Your Creative Projects With Shutterstock


If you're constantly on the hunt for dazzling visuals for your creative projects—be that website design or article generation—then you'll know that finding just the right image or video can be a challenge in itself.

Fortunately, Shutterstock has a humongous collection of such assets. Here's how it can help add visual value to your work.

What Is Shutterstock?

First, we need to know about stock photos, videos, and audio. We term these audio/visual resources as assets, and we use them in a wide range of media. Producers of photography, videography, and audio provide stock assets under a license, which anyone can use as long as they pay the license fee. A stock asset is one that is available for wide, repeated use.

Shutterstock is a website that features these assets (and more). So, if you sign up to Shutterstock (which you can do for free), you get access to a vast collection of high quality assets that you can use in your creative project.

There are several subscription pans available, these include:

Single User Subscription with 10 images per month ($49 per month no contract, $29 per month for annual subscription, $299 up front annual subscription)

Single User Subscription with 5 video clips per month ($99 per month no contract, $189 per month for annual subscription, $949 up front annual subscription)

Single User Subscription with unlimited music ($199 up front annual subscription)

Right now, on Shutterstock.com, you can get a great deal on images, videos, and audio at checkout. Enter the coupon code MAKEIT25 to get a 25% discount on whatever you're buying.

How Shutterstock Can Enhance Your Creative Projects

Shutterstock is a powerful tool when it comes to livening up your project. Imagine, for example, you're building a website and need some images for a particular page. With access to 300 million stock photos, you can search for and download exactly what you need. Then, it is just a case of adding the asset to the website you're creating.

Likewise, if you're making an audio soundtrack, then you can access a wide range of songs and instrumentals to use in your work. If you want background music for a TV commercial, for example, and perhaps some stock video footage to go with it, then Shutterstock can help with all of that.

Shutterstock also has a handy browser-based editor, which allows you to add further embellishments to your images, such as text, without the need to fire up Photoshop and get busy there.

Add Assets Easily With Shutterstock

photographs on a laptop screen

With access to so much stock imagery, footage, and audio, at Shutterstock you'd never really have to trawl free image websites for what you need. The website has a wide range of topical assets that you can use for even the most modern of projects.


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