Get Your Video Editing On-Point With July’s Great VEGAS Pro Deals


Video editing software doesn’t come cheap. At least, not professional-grade applications.

Step in VEGAS’ suite of video editing applications, because through July 2021 you can get a discount on a wide range of its software.

Wanna know more? Let’s see.

Get a Great Deal on VEGAS Software in July

There are several deals for you to take advantage of over at VEGAS’ website, and you can begin taking advantage of them straight away, as they’re running throughout the whole of July.

That’s right; until July 30th, there are offers (some fairly substantial) on the VEGAS Pro lines of creative software. You can also get some attractive freebies if you invest your cash wisely.

What VEGAS Apps Are Available?

As mentioned, you can get money off VEGAS Pro apps. We’ve linked to each one below and described each version so you can see which one suits your needs.

VEGAS Pro 18 Edit

VEGAS Pro 18 Edit is the cheapest package available in the VEGAS Pro line. It offers hardware acceleration, AI tools to speed up editing, color-grading, HDR support, and plug-in management. You can currently buy it for a one-off payment of $299 (MSRP $399), and you get VEGAS 19 Edit as a free download.

VEGAS Pro 18

VEGAS Pro 18 is the next tier up in the VEGAS Pro range. It offers the same features as Edit, but with some extras. These include audio editing and mastering with Sound Forge Pro 14, a noise reduction tool for video, and a flicker filter to add some effects to your video. You can currently buy it for $449 (MSRP $599) and you get VEGAS 19 Pro for free as an upgrade.

VEGAS Pro 18 Suite

VEGAS Pro 18 Suite is the top tier app available in the VEGAS Pro collection. It comes with all the features of the other two VEGAS Pro apps, plus a bunch more to boot. These extras include an ActionVFX Action Pack, three Boris FX Continuum units, New Transitions 5 Ultimate, and Zynaptiq UNVEIL Vegas Edition. This version is available at $799, with a VEGAS 19 Post upgrade included.

Is VEGAS Pro Better Than Adobe Premiere Pro?

a man editing a video

That is a tough call to make, as each respective developer offers slightly different tools. However, the VEGAS suite has several advantages over Adobe’s ecosystem.

You can buy the app outright. As you see above, VEGAS Pro comes with a one-off payment. You can subscribe to Vegas Pro 365; the equivalent of Adobe’s Creative Cloud version of Premiere Pro. However, Adobe only offers Premiere Pro as a subscription; there’s no one-off purchase option.

Also, VEGAS Pro offers a simpler user interface and experience. This means that if you’re just starting out in the video editing field, VEGAS Pro would be a good way to get to grips with the software involved.

Get a Great Deal on VEGAS Pro Software

How to edit videos on a Mac

So, if you’re a budding video editor, or you’ve got your own videos to edit and you want to get hold of some professional software, then the VEGAS Pro range has plenty to offer; especially at a discount.


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