How to Add a Printer to a Chromebook


A Chromebook is unlike most traditional laptops you'll encounter. It runs a web-based operating system known as Chrome OS, which makes it a modern and versatile device to own.

But sometimes, even performing rudimentary tasks like setting up printers can be daunting to new users considering the unique interface Chromebooks offer. Let's take a look at how you can add a printer to your Chromebook in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Go to the Settings Menu

You can find your printer options under the settings menu on Chrome OS. Press the Search button on your keyboard then type "settings" in the search bar that appears. Select Settings from the results.

settings menu on chrome os

Click on Advanced, located on the left menu bar.

advanced settings option on Chrome OS

Select Printing under the Advanced options dropdown.

printing menu on Chrome OS

Step 2: Adding the Printer to Your Profile

The printing profile is where your configured printer settings are stored and managed to make printing on Chromebooks easier.

In the Printing menu, select the Printers option.

select printers menu on chrome OS

Then click on the Add Printer button.

add printer button on Chrome OS

Your Chromebook will present you with a list of all printers that it can find. Select the printer of your choice then click on the Add button to save it under your printer profile.

select the printer and add it

Note: If you want to connect to your printer via Wi-Fi, make sure that you are on the same WiFi network as your printer. For a USB cable printer, just connect it to your Chromebook.

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Step 3: Start Printing With Your Chromebook

Let's print out a document, now that you've successfully added a printer to your Chromebook.

Hit the Search button on your keyboard and type Docs in the search bar to bring up the Docs app for word processing. Click to start the app, then select a blank template.

Type any text in the document, for example, "Test print."

Press the Ctrl + P keyboard shortcut to open the printer options. Your configured printer is set for you by default.

Go ahead and click on the Print button.

test print page on Chrome OS

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Now You Can Easily Add Printers to a Chromebook

This guide demonstrated how easy it is to add and set up a Canon, HP, Epson, Brother, etc to Chromebook.

Like most Google products, Chrome OS heavily tracks your user data. If you care about your privacy and personal data, consider using Ubuntu Web, a web-based Chrome OS alternative with privacy at heart.


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