How to Cancel a Noom Subscription


If you’ve clicked on this article, you probably know what Noom is. And you’re looking to end your subscription or trial of it.

You may not have enjoyed your experience with the calorie-counting weight loss app, or you may just have found a better one. Whatever your reasons, we’re here to tell you how to stop paying for Noom when you’re not using it.

Follow our steps below to cancel your Noom subscription and save yourself some money going forward!

Cancelling Your Noom Subscription or Trial

Whether you want to stop paying for your subscription, or stop yourself from paying while still in the 14-day free trial, you can cancel all payments to Noom in the app or on Noom’s website.

Cancelling Noom in the App

Let’s look at how to cancel through the app first. Uninstalling Noom doesn’t unsubscribe you from anything—you have to follow certain steps in the app to stop Noom from charging your card.

So your first step to cancel this way is to open the app on your smartphone or tablet, or to download the Noom from the App Store or Play Store and log into your Noom account there.

Once you’re in the app, look around for the blue chat bubble on the screen. This bubble allows you to communicate with your Noom Goal Specialist or Guide—a person assigned to help you navigate Noom's calorie tracker and mini courses.

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Tap to message your Specialist, and tell them that you’d like to cancel your subscription. You can word it that you want to "cancel your membership" or that you’d like to "unsubscribe" if you’d prefer—they’ll understand what you mean.

Your Specialist will send you a message saying they’re sorry to see you go along with a link. Tap the link to cancel your subscription and stop all future payments to Noom.

You should receive another message confirming you’ve cancelled your subscription, and that you’ll still have access to the account until the end of your billing cycle. If you’re ending the free trial, you should maintain access until your trial period runs out.

Cancelling Noom on the Website

To unsubscribe via Noom’s website, log into your account on Noom’s Subscription Portal. Click on Subscription Details and click the Cancel Subscription button on that page.

The Subscription Details tab on the Noom site. The Cancel Subscription button is visible

Once again, you should be informed that the cancellation went through along with how many more days you have left with full access. No additional payments will be taken from you at this point, and your Noom app and site access will revert to the free version once those days pass.

It may not be possible to unsubscribe from Noom on the website if you originally signed up via an app store. If that is the case, follow the steps above or try out the steps in the next section to cancel your Noom account.

Another Method for Cancelling Noom

If you signed up for Noom in the iOS or iPadOS App Store, you can cancel your Noom subscription or trial from the Subscriptions page in your Apple ID settings. The same applies for Android users who went through the Google Play store.

To access and cancel your Noom subscription on iOS or iPadOS, tap on Settings, and then your Apple ID name. Once in your Apple ID settings, tap on Subscriptions, and then tap on Noom, which should be under the Active heading.

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Tap the Cancel Subscription button to end your Noom subscription. You may be asked to confirm this decision—tap Confirm in the prompt window if asked, or else Noom will keep charging you monthly.

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To unsubscribe from an app on Android, open the Google Play Store and make sure you’re signed into the Google account you used when you subscribed to Noom originally.

Once you’re logged in, click on the Menu icon—the three horizontal lines towards the top of the screen. Tap on Subscriptions, then tap on Noom from the app list you find.

Tap Cancel Subscription and all future payments to Noom will stop. Your account will be officially cancelled at the start of the next billing period.

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Can you Pause a Noom Subscription?

Maybe you like Noom and just want a break from it for a short period of time. Unfortunately, you can’t pause a Noom subscription. You can only have an active subscription or cancel it all together.

This means if you want to use Noom again in the future, you’ll have to set all your goals anew, and you may end up with a new Noom Specialist, Coach, and Group.

If that will seriously bother you, you’ll need to hang on to your Noom subscription. But perhaps restarting entirely will give you new motivation or renewed interest if you just need to save some money or take a break for a while.

For some other great exercise and diet plans, you can also always try one of our favorite free weight loss apps or some of the best body weight exercise apps we could find instead. Moving away from Noom might be helpful if you’ve lost motivation, or it could re-inspire love for the service in case other options don’t work out.

Cancelling Your Noom Account Should be Your Call

Weight loss can be really tough, and while Noom’s approach might help a lot of people, it may not be for you.

Whatever your reasons for cancelling your Noom account and subscription, you know when a fitness or food plan isn’t working for you, and you should feel confident that you can find one that will.

Hopefully, cancelling Noom will give you a little extra money and time to start looking for that new plan or app. In the meantime, we commend you for seeking out ways to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle for yourself!


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