How to Create a Stocks Watchlist on Google Finance


If you’re curious about the stock market or are an investor yourself, you know how volatile the market can be. Since most of us aren't experienced stock traders, you might want a simple and convenient way to track your investments and the news that affect them.

Google Finance helps you do all of that in one place. With it, you can view real-time market quotes, charts, analytics, and the latest financial news to stay updated and make more informed investment decisions.

Let's take a look at how to create a stock watchlist and compare stocks and markets on Google Finance.

How to Create a Watchlist on Google Finance

  1. Head to Google Finance.
  2. Scroll down to Your Watchlists and tap New Watchlist.
  3. Give your watchlist a name.
  4. Click Add investments.
  5. Search or choose from recommendations to add your first stock.
  6. Click Add to browse through more stocks and add accordingly.
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Alternatively, you can also choose to add stocks to your watchlist manually, like so:

  1. Search and select a stock you're interested in from the search bar.
  2. Click Follow to add the stock to the auto-generated watchlist.
  3. To move it to your custom watchlist, click Added to watchlist and select your watchlist.
  4. Click New watchlist, give it a name, and click Done to create a new custom watchlist.
  5. To remove the stock from the auto-generated watchlist, deselect it from the checkbox.

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How to Compare Stocks on Google Finance

  1. Search and select a stock that you want to compare from the search bar.
  2. Below the stock chart, click Compare to or choose a recommended stock to compare with your selected stock.
  3. Click Add comparison to compare more stocks.
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How to Compare Markets on Google Finance

You can also compare various markets on Google Finance to see their indices. Here’s how.

  1. Go to Google Finance.
  2. Find and click on Compare markets.
  3. Click on any market to view its indices and trends.
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Track Your Investments With Google Finance

Google Finance provides useful information like the previous close, day range, year range, market cap, volume, charts, and relevant financial news about the stocks you're interested in. You can easily keep your investments in check with Google Finance.


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