How to Start Earning Cryptocurrency With the Brave Browser


The Brave browser is currently in vogue among privacy-loving anoraks because of its widely acclaimed data handling features. Currently among the most popular in the world, it has over 20 million monthly users.

According to its developers, the browser was designed to bypass data harvesting intermediaries that serve advertisements. This has been achieved by ensuring that all data collection and ad-matching happens at the device level.

Designed by Brendan Eich, the renowned JavaScript creator and co-founder of the Mozilla Project, the Brave browser also provides numerous ways for users to earn cryptocurrency while using it.


How to Earn Using the Brave Browser

The following are some of the ways through which users can earn cryptocurrency while using the Brave browser.

1. Viewing Ads

Brave browser image emphasizing privacy.

The Brave browser allows users to make money online by viewing ads that are native to the platform. The Brave Rewards program remunerates users using the BAT cryptocurrency. The system remits 70 percent of ad revenue to active members. To redeem the coins, you need a verified Uphold cryptocurrency wallet.


It is important to note that Brave ads are designed to be non-disruptive and typically open in a new tab. Notifications to view ads also pop up intermittently at the bottom of the page to alert users who wish to earn BAT.

Notably, the Brave project does not replace ads displayed on sites. A user can simply choose to view ads displayed by the sites they visit or opt to block them.

That said, earned BAT coins can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies via crypto exchanges or used to pay content creators that have signed up to join the Brave creator program.

2. Content Creators Can Earn Rewards

Another way to earn cryptocurrency using the Brave browser is to sign up as a content creator. Content creators can sign up to join the Brave Rewards program and receive direct contributions from their fans.


Brave browser users can tip their favorite content creators if they are also signed on the network. Rewards can be sent monthly or as one-time tips. Brave content creators are required to have an Uphold account in order to receive the funds.

How to Start

To start earning from the Brave browser, the first step to take should be to download the software from the official site and install it on your computer. The browser is compatible with Windows 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems, as well as macOS and Linux.

After installation is complete, an option to sign up to the Brave browser Rewards program will appear on the right side of the homepage.

Image indicating the position of the Brave Rewards button.

Clicking on the Start using Rewards button automatically accredits the Brave Reward program and starts rewards accumulation. To add funds or tweak Reward settings, click on the triangle at the end of the URL field.


The Reward Settings option allows a user to configure payment features such as the frequency of withdrawals and monthly contributions to content creators. The amount of tips to be sent out is also adjustable via this feature.

The Add Funds option in the Brave browser allows users to deposit funds in the account, which can then be used to tip creators. To do this, however, an Uphold account is required.

Brave add funds

A Few Striking Aspects

Among the best aspects of the Brave Rewards Program is that there is no minimum withdrawal limit. This means that earned coins can be redeemed as soon as they are earned.

It is worth noting that not everyone is eligible to join the Brave Rewards program. Users from countries that are blocked from the Brave Rewards program are unable to benefit from the project at the moment.



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