How to Use the Story Shack’s Taleforge App to Practice Creative Writing


The Story Shack has several useful features including name generators, which are helpful for creative writers and D&D players, and a cool little creative writing app called Taleforge.

We're going to look at the ins and outs of Taleforge, as well as how you can make the most of it as a writer.

What Is Taleforge?

Taleforge is a browser-based app that lets you practice your creative writing. The majority of the app is free, but the pro version is only $5 and gives you access to more tools, customizations, and you get a greater range of ideas to practice with.

It gives you a prompt, a word count, and a timer to get you started. As you start writing, every milestone you reach produces new challenges, such as props and letters to include in your text, and reaching bigger word counts.

When the timer runs out, you can save your story or continue writing without prompts. The main goal is to put you in a productive mood under pressure.

How to Use Taleforge

The Story Shack Taleforge Creative Writing Challenge and Cards

Using Taleforge is straightforward. Here's what to do:

  1. Read the Event card.
  2. Start typing your story, trying to reach the target on the Words card—the timer starts automatically as you start typing.
  3. While typing, keep an eye out for new cards, like Character, Prop, and Letter. Including these prompts adds to your score, and you need to click some of them to mark it as complete.
  4. Keep writing until the timer runs out.
  5. At the end of each session, the cards deactivate, but you can click the lock icon to continue writing.
  6. When done, click Save your story to add it to your library of completed sessions. You can share it via a link or social media, and invite others to do the challenge too. To delete a story, just click the bin icon next to the story in your library.

How Taleforge Helps Your Creative Writing

Completed Challenges of Taleforge Story

When you don’t have a story in the works, it’s hard to stay motivated. Creative writing exercises can keep your mind active and more likely to produce great ideas.

The Story Shack’s Taleforge app is just the tool you need to stay sharp. It’s also useful to new writers as it teaches you to type fast and let random ideas feed into your tales.

Even if you don’t use your Taleforge stories in your next book, it’s good practice. Being able to quickly link different themes, props, or characters together can be a massive boost for your storytelling skills, writing confidence, and publishing future.

If that’s not enough, you can publicize your best Taleforge creations and bring friends into the action so you can all improve your creative writing together.

Practice Makes Perfect

Taleforge, as well as the rest of The Story Shack’s tools, are excellent services for helping creative writers practice and improve their skills. Give the app a go and get those creative juices flowing!


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