Jabra Is Reducing Its Prices Sitewide for One Day Only


Personal audio expert, Jabra, has a huge range of headphones available via its website. Whether you're looking for the perfect working-from-home headset, over-ear ANC cans, or in-ear headphones, Jabra has you covered.

Oh, and it is planning a massive sitewide sale, too. Want to find out more about the sitewide discounts? Read on…

Jabra Announces 40% Sitewide Sale

If you are in the market for high-quality personal or office audio, then now is the time to prime your wallet ready to splurge. Why? Because for September 14th only, Jabra is offering a huge 40% off its entire range of devices. The deals are available across the whole of Jabra.com. You just need to be there to buy them.

So, how do you take advantage of these outrageous discounts? Just head to Jabra's website with the above link and plug YOCLZKIXTR in to the voucher code field at checkout. Et Voila; you just scored 40% off your latest Jabra purchase. Don't forget, though, this only lasts for one day, so if you want to take advantage of these deals, then you'll need to be sharp about it.

Why Should You Buy Jabra Audio Gear?


If a 40% discount isn't enough to convince you you'll need some Jabras in your life, then how about we convince you a little further? Jabra is a market leader in high-quality, affordable audio equipment, so you're certainly getting a good deal here, but here are a few other factors that might help sway your decision.

Jabra Headphones Have Active Noise Cancelling

All of Jabra's headphones come with active noise cancellation (ANC). This is an excellent feature, as it prevents you from hearing external sound sources that could spoil the audio experience for you. If you are in a busy cafe or on a crowded train, ANC is a godsend; you no longer have to listen to children screaming or teenagers arguing. Just pop your Jabras on and drown the noise out.

Jabra Headphones Have a Great Battery Life

Obviously, an important factor for any wireless headphones is battery life. Gone are the days when this wasn't a concern. Unwired headphones require their own power source, or they won't work, so you need plenty of juice in the tank if you don't want your music cutting out mid song. Thankfully, Jabra headphones have exceptional battery life, with some models reaching as much as 30 hours from a single charge.

Get Your Groove On With Jabra

So, now you can see two (of many) great reasons to invest in the Jabra ecosystem, all you need to do now is have your wallet ready for September 14th and you can net a 40% discount with the coupon code above. No complaints here!


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