Linux Mint 20.2 "Uma" Has Been Released: See What’s New


​​​​​​Linux Mint is one of the most popular distros for home users. It's a community-developed effort that provides a modern yet highly customizable OS for users looking for a hassle-free Linux experience. The developers recently released the latest stable version, 20.2, codenamed Uma.

This new LTS release will be supported until 2025 and brings many refinements to the distro. Check out what new features you will get in Linux Mint 20.2 below.

What’s New in Linux Mint 20.2 Uma?

Uma comes with several updated software and new features as well as fixes to some well-known bugs. Some of the new features of Mint 20.2 include the following.

  • Redesigned update notifications
  • Automated Flatpak updates
  • A new bulk file renamer called Bulky
  • A new note-taking utility called Sticky Notes
  • A new file transfer utility called Warpinator for sharing files over LAN
  • Nemo now supports combining file search with content search
  • Ability to limit memory usage for Cinnamon
  • Support for latest HP printers and scanners
  • Support for incognito browsing via Web App Manager

Apart from these, users can now update Cinnamon spices directly from the Update Manager. It makes installing updates for applets, themes, and extensions much easier. A standalone Android app for Warpinator also allows for seamless file transfers and synchronization across all your devices.

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On the performance side, Mint 20.2 has fixed several memory leaks present in Cinnamon 5. The monitor implementation makes detecting issues related to memory consumption so much easier. Plus, you get to limit how much memory is allocated to Cinnamon directly from the system settings.


This release also features linux-firmware 1.187, Linux kernel 5.4, and Ubuntu 20.04 package base for an optimal experience. Additionally, users can now switch between onboard and discrete graphics cards for both NVIDIA and AMD-based chipsets.

Upgrade Your Mint Installation to 20.2

The latest release of Mint has brought many quality of life changes as well as bug fixes and new applications. Plus, this LTS version will receive continuous security updates until 2025. So, if you're an existing Mint user, upgrading to 20.2 should be a top priority.

If you're on an older version of Linux Mint, you can also choose to upgrade the Linux kernel instead of upgrading the whole operating system.


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