Pre-Order the Beam Gen 2 Soundbar Exclusively from Sonos, Now


Sonos is back with a bang, bringing with it its brand new Beam Gen 2 soundbar. The audio brand is doing its user base a favor, too; it is giving Sonos faithfuls the chance to bag one of the Beam Gen 2 soundbars early…

Pre-Order the Sonos Beam Gen 2 Soundbar

Want to make your Sonos-owning friends jealous? Of course you do. What would audiophile gear be without a sense of friendly one-upmanship between pals?! Well, if you're quick, you might just beat them to a pre-emptive, exclusive Sonos.com pre-order. Hopefully, you read this article before they do.

Pre-orders are open now, and you can take advantage of them until September 20th, so the window of opportunity is pretty short. Units will ship from October 5th and cost $449, so get your pre-order in now while it's hot.

What Is the Sonos Beam Gen 2 Soundbar?

sonos beam gen 2 white
Image Credit: Sonos

The Sonos Beam Gen 2 Soundbar is the latest variation on the original Sonos Beam. The Beam Gen 2 comes with some additional features that the first iteration lacked, despite being a brilliant piece of kit.

So, it comes in black or white, meaning you can match it to your existing setup and blend the Beam Gen 2 seamlessly with your entertainment space. It also comes with matching cables, in black or white, for even more aesthetic satisfaction.

The front of the speaker comes with a polycarbonate grill, which is like that of the Sonos Arc soundbar; a more expensive model than the Beam. You can find out more about the Arc on the Sonos Home Theater page.

Under the grill, you've got five speakers housed inside the Beam Gen 2's cabinetry. The first generation Beam carried three speakers, so the new model should be louder as a result.

sonos beam gen 2 soundbar and tv

With the Beam Gen 2, you can also look forward to Dolby Atmos integration. This is thanks to the fact that the internal workings of the Beam Gen 2 are much smarter than the OG Beam. A faster CPU allows Dolby Atmos to perform perfectly in unison with the speaker.

The device also comes loaded with eARC (enhanced Audio Return Connectivity). Wave goodbye to lame old ARC and its Dolby Digital+ limitations, and say hello to a soundbar that is fully conversant in Dolby TrueHD.

Aside from the form factor and additional gubbins, you will also have the advantage of streaming from Dolby Atmos-compatible sources, such as Tidal; great if you want to listen to the Master-quality audio available on the platform.

Boost Your Home Theater Sound With Sonos

Integrating the Sonos Beam Gen 2 into your system is likely to be a great move, considering it improves on the already powerful Beam Gen 1. Not only that, but it also has some of the premium features of the more expensive Arc soundbar, so everyone's a winner, really.


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