Protect Your Computer With 50% Off AVG Internet Security


If you’re browsing the internet without protecting your computer and the data it holds is one surefire way to compromise both.

Fortunately, you can protect yourself from unwarranted attacks by using internet protection. AVG has got a great deal on its AVG Internet Security right now, so you can stay safe online without breaking the bank.

Let’s see what AVG has to offer…

Get 50% Off AVG Internet Security, Now

AVG is one of the leading names in internet protection and antivirus, and it is offering you its industry leading AVG Internet Security Unlimited software at half the usual price. Not only that, but you can protect up to ten devices at once if you need to, giving the whole family peace of mind.

You have two options available when you purchase AVG Internet Security Unlimited. The first protects one PC only (Windows) and will set you back only $34.99 for a full year. Not bad considering it normally costs $69.99.

The second protects up to ten devices, including Windows PCs, Apple devices, and Android devices. This way, you get to protect every laptop, phone, and tablet, in your home. It costs $44.99 with the discount, where it would normally be $89.99.

If you want to take advantage of this wallet-pleasing offer, just head to the AVG Security Unlimited page and you can purchase it straight away.

What Does AVG Internet Security Do?

security suite laptop

AVG Internet Security is a catch-all to “protect your personal files and your private life”, according to AVG themselves. Its features include:

  • Computer Protection
  • Web and Email Protection
  • Hacker Attack Protection
  • Privacy Protection
  • Payments Protection

All of the above are ways in which a hacker can compromise your information and data. Fortunately AVG Internet Security has everything covered, so you can browse the internet knowing you’re well protected from multiple forms of attack.

Why Do You Need Internet Security?

Given that ransomware, hacking, and malware are prevalent issues all internet users face, it is wise to protect yourself as much as possible. This is why using internet security is so important.

Hackers don’t just break into email accounts any more; their activities are much more advanced, ranging from logging your internet banking username and password as you type them in, to spying on you through your webcam.

They’ll stop at nothing to get their hands on your data, leaving you and your priceless information vulnerable. It is always best to have a security program running while you browse the internet.

Protect Your Computer With AVG Internet Security

Antivirus notification on a laptop.

As you can see, internet protection is of grave importance for anyone with a computer. So, keep your data under close watch and prevent hackers, ransomware, or malware, getting anywhere it.


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