Samsung S Pen Fold Edition vs. S Pen Pro: What’s the Difference?


Samsung finally introduced S Pen support for its foldable line with the Galaxy Z Fold 3. However, none of the S Pens that came before will work with it. You'll need to get one of the two new S Pens that Samsung has released, namely the S Pen Fold Edition and the S Pen Pro.

These new S Pens have soft rubber tips to ensure the foldable display remains unscathed in the long run. If you're not sure which one of these S Pens you should buy for your Galaxy Z Fold 3, here are all the differences you need to know.

1. Design

s pen fold edition
Image Credit: Samsung

The S Pen Fold Edition is noticeably smaller and thinner than the S Pen Pro. They both have soft rubberized tips that are retractable to prevent damage to the screen.

The more expensive S Pen Pro has a physical switch that allows you to change between Z Fold mode and regular mode, depending on the device you are using.

The S Pen Fold Edition's smaller form factor comes with a benefit. Samsung sells a separate case with an S Pen holder, making it easy to carry around with your Galaxy Z Fold 3. You don't get this luxury with the S Pen Pro since it's longer than the phone itself.

2. Price

Pricing may be a deciding factor for most people, and in this case, the cost difference is pretty significant. The S Pen Fold Edition costs $50, whereas the S Pen Pro will set you back $100. However, that's not the whole story here.

Samsung is giving away the S Pen Fold Edition for free with every preorder of the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Also, keep in mind that if you intend to carry your S Pen Fold Edition with your phone, you have to spend nearly $80 on a flip cover which can house the S Pen.

All in all, the price comes down to how quickly you buy the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and how you plan on carrying the S Pen.

3. Compatibility

S Pen Pro with Samsung devices
Image Credit: Samsung

The S Pen Fold Edition works only with the Galaxy Z Fold 3. You cannot use it with any other smartphone like the Galaxy S21 Ultra or the Galaxy Note 20.

However, if you spend the extra money on the S Pen Pro, you get an accessory that works with all Samsung devices with S Pen support. This is fantastic if you don't want to spend money on a new S Pen every time Samsung releases a new device.

4. Features

The S Pen Fold Edition is pretty much a basic stylus that's optimized for the Z Fold 3's screen. It's great if all you intend to do is sketch or take notes, and of course, you get access to Air commands.

However, if you buy the S Pen Pro, you'll get access to Bluetooth commands and gestures on top of it. It has onboard memory too, which allows you to copy and paste content across different Samsung devices.

S Pen Fold Edition with Galaxy Z Fold 3
Image Credit: Samsung

5. Charging

The S Pen Fold Edition may seem basic compared to the S Pen Pro, but it comes with a huge convenience in that you don't ever have to charge it.

The S Pen Pro, by contrast, is an active stylus with a USB-C port for charging. You can use the S Pen Pro for up to 16 days with a 50-minute charge. In the end, it comes down to whether you prefer a passive stylus with simple functionality or an active stylus with advanced features.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3's S Pen Support Is a Game-Changer

The addition of S Pen support could tempt Galaxy Note users into buying the Galaxy Z Fold 3, especially because Samsung is skipping the Note line for 2021. A phone that folds out to become a tablet can be the better note-taker due to its much larger form factor. We'll see if Samsung eventually retires the Galaxy Note line and replace it with the Fold series instead.


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