Smart Washer and Dryers: What Are They and What Can They Do?


The laundry room is often the last place many homeowners think to invest. Why buy smart washers and smart dryers when there's a whole world of smart TVs and smart kitchen gear to splurge on?

If you love the environment and live for that fresh laundry feeling, smart dryers and washers should be at the top of your home improvement wish list. They deliver a laundry load that's cleaner, greener, and gentler on your favorite duds than any traditional washer and dryer combination.

What Are Smart Washers and Smart Dryers?

A smart washing machine.

Smart laundry appliances are where past meets present: the same heavy-duty performance you've come to expect from popular manufacturers, all with integrated digital controls and full Wi-Fi connectivity.

Advanced features, such as automatic moisture detection, custom cycle settings, and a more efficient and effective physical design overall are only a few of the advantages that a smart washer and dryer offers over traditional machines. These time-saving devices keep your clothes in better condition for longer and they'll be much less of an imposition on your utilities to boot.

Smart appliances are cool and convenient, but they're also often more ecologically conscious in terms of resource consumption, as well. Here are a few reasons that might be able to convince you to make the upgrade in your own home.

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The Benefits of Using a Smart Washer and Dryer

A person doing smart laundry.

Aside from the obvious, such as notifications whenever it's time to turn your cycle over, there are many big-picture reasons to choose a smart washer and dryer over a conventional duo.

Smart Appliances Are Green

Just like any modern appliance, a smart washer and dryer will usually be much more forgiving in terms of how much power and water it requires to function. If you're looking to minimize your ecological footprint, your laundry room is the perfect place to start.

Other notable capabilities that most smart washers and dryers will offer is the ability to actively monitor how much water and electricity that they use with each load. This doubles as an extra layer of precaution in terms of maintenance; you'll know immediately when something is amiss just by looking at the report.

Serving your appliances in this way lets you hold onto them for longer without compromising the quality of each load. The less often we all need to replace all of our appliances, the less waste we'll have piling up in our landfills. It all counts in the end.

Smart Washers and Dryers Lets You Customize Your Cycle Start and End Times

A person doing smart laundry.

Smart washers and dryers usually come with a dedicated app that allows you to manage your laundry remotely via smartphone or tablet.

This convenience affords you a few key advantages over traditional washers and dryers. Custom cycle times, for instance, allow you to plan your chores around the most convenient times for your schedule.

Smart Washers and Dryers Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Front-loaders? Compact, stackable machines? Top-loading washers and all-inclusive two-in-ones? Check, check, check, and check. No matter what your budget is and how much space you're working with, there is a smart dryer or washer that will fit well within your means.

Many view smart appliances as overly pricy, and not useful. But the truth is that this category of smart gear in particular will end up saving you money in the long run.

This factor should definitely be taken into consideration as you weigh your options. Run the numbers and see where you end up a year from now, especially when compared to what your current laundry equipment currently costs to operate.

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Should You Buy a Smart Washer and Dryer?

The answer to this question may very well be yes. If it's time to take your laundry routine to the next level, we can certainly recommend a pair of smart products from any of the brands that you already know and trust.

Smart washers and dryers are perfect for those with families or a life that always has them on the go. Take the pressure off and put the power right into the palm of your hand.


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