Start School With a Clean Slate With CCleaner Pro


Heading into a new school year can be a daunting undertaking for your kids. Don't forget, we were all there once, with new teachers and classmates to contend with.

Having a learning-ready laptop makes all the difference, as a slow, cluttered computer can hinder a child in the classroom, aside from everything else they need to get used to.

Fortunately, CCleaner Pro is on hand to make the process a whole lot easier.

Declutter Digitally with CCleaner Pro

As said, a sluggish computer gets in the way of learning (or anything, really), so you need to bring your child's device back up to speed before they head into their new school grade.

CCleaner Pro can help with this, decluttering a computer's desktop—plus a whole host of other nooks and crannies hiding away in the dark recesses of your hard drive.

MUO readers have a last chance to score a 30% discount on CCleaner Pro, too. Just follow the link and you can claim your discount at checkout. Hurry, though, the offer only lasts until September 12th, at which point it'll be back up to full price.

What Is CCleaner Pro?


CCleaner Pro is the bells and whistles version of CCleaner; a software that (as the name suggests) cleans up your computer. It achieves this by scanning your entire device and then suggesting areas that could do with a good tidy up. This way, it lets you pick and choose what you keep on your hard drive—perhaps you want to keep a folder of school projects but remove the rest, for example. CCleaner Pro helps you do this.

But the buck doesn't just stop at clearing out unwanted files, folders, and documents. CCleaner Pro can do a whole lot more, thanks to a comprehensive range of tools it puts at your disposal.

The additional features CCleaner Pro boasts are:

  • Automatic driver updates
  • PC health check
  • 1-click software updates
  • Browser cache clearing
  • File recovery via Piriform's Recuva app (Piriform is the owner of CCleaner and Recuva)

So, this is clearly one surefire way to ensure that your child's computer is in peak classroom condition once your kids head back to school.

Give Your Child a Head-Start This Term

With a speedy, clutter-free laptop in their backpack, your youngsters are getting the best start back at school. No searching among thousands of files to find a single document or application; your child will be able to concentrate on learning instead. Plus, you get a 30% discount on CCleaner Pro. It's a win-win all round.


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