The 10 Weirdest Smart Gadgets You Can Buy


Ever wondered just how niche and unusual a smart device could get? Well, with almost every device needing a Wi-Fi connection these days, it's no surprise that more and more surprising smart devices are entering the market every year.

So, here are the 10 weirdest smart devices out there today.

1. Smart Rings

smart ring on hand
Image Credit: Maurizio Pesce/Wikimedia Commons

Yep, that's right. Now even your jewelry can connect to your phone. Smart rings may not be hugely popular commercially, but they're certainly an up and coming technology, especially for those who love smart devices.

These rings can have a range of different functions, one of which is mood tracking. The MoodMetric, for example, is designed to track your mood and let you know how you're feeling. On the other hand, the Oura ring can track your steps, sleep, and the calories you've burned in a day.

However, these rings aren't cheap, and many criticize them for their futility in relation to their price. At least they look pretty cool.

2. Smart Water Bottles

water bottles on table

Want to monitor your drinking habits? Well, now you can do it using your water bottle instead of an app.

Smart water bottles are nifty little things and can actually be a big help for those who find it hard to stay hydrated. A smart bottle essentially connects to your phone, and reminds you to drink and tracks how much you've drunk through the day.

While this is a solid idea on paper, smart bottles can cost upwards of $70, which is a bit of an investment for something you carry water in. Then again, some regular water bottles can cost around that these days, so you might be better off taking the smart leap.

3. Smart Microwaves

picture of microwave on table
Image Credit: Parasnagar04/Wikimedia Commons

Microwaves are pretty impressive on their own, but now you can take it a step further and get yourself a smart microwave.

A smart microwave, as you've probably guessed, can connect to other devices. With this, you can be notified when your phone is ready, or you can voice-control your microwave. This is an option with Sharp's new smart microwave, with which you can use Amazon's Alexa for control, instead of having to do it manually. Pretty convenient if you're in a rush.

4. Smart Egg Trays

This one is particularly unusual. Who would've thought you'd ever find a smart egg tray on the market? Not us.

A smart egg tray connects to your phone and allows you to keep up with how many eggs you have and how long you have until your eggs expire. Of course, some may see this as pretty useless. But, we're not judging if you're thinking of getting yourself one.

5. Smart Belts

picture of smart belt on man
Image Credit: Maurizio Pesce/Wikimedia Commons

A smart belt is a little niche, but not an entirely terrible idea. Smart belts can measure your activity time, your rest time, and let you know your waist size. So, if you're looking to keep in shape or lose weight, this might be a useful little device. However, being reminded of your waist size isn't the most pleasant thing we can imagine.

And, these belts aren't bank-breakers either. You can grab yourself one for around $30. A little more reasonable than Gucci, you could say.

6. Smart Kettles

picture of hot water being poured into cup

Making a coffee? In the mood for a green tea? Try a smart kettle. Again, there's nothing groundbreaking about a smart kettle, but it's certainly an interesting piece of tech.

Smart kettles differ from traditional kettles in that they let you boil water remotely (say from your bedroom), as well as view the temperature of your water before or after heating. You can also control-heat your water so that if you just want warm or hot water instead of boiling, you can adjust the temperature to stick to a maximum. Pretty convenient.

While smart kettles typically start at around the $100 mark, they allow for certain conveniences you won't get with a traditional piece.

7. Smart Pet Feeders

cat eating from a pet feeder
Image Credit: Giraldillo/Wikimedia Commons

Ever find yourself out of the house for 12 hours on the go? Taking a little weekend break? It can be difficult to keep your pets fed regularly when you're living a busy life, and that's where smart pet feeders come in.

These feeders take the next step up from automatic feeders, in that you can connect your phone to the device and watch your pets sleeping, playing, and eating. This allows you to make sure your little one is okay when you're away from home.

Smart feeders have actually become pretty popular in recent years, given how nifty the idea behind them really is. You can even grab your own on Amazon! Check out our article on the best automatic pet feeders if you're looking to get your pet this useful little device.

8. Smart Toothbrushes

oral b io 9 toothbrush in case
Image Credit: electricteeth/Wikimedia Commons

Track your waist size, track your eggs, and track your dental hygiene! Smart toothbrushes are pretty new on the market, with the most notable being released by OralB. The Oral-B iO9 connects to your phone so that you can track your brushing and make sure you're brushing for the right amount of time.

9. Smart Scales

picture of renpho smart scale
Image Credit: masatsu/Creative Commons

Smart scales have been around for a while, allowing you to track your weight on your phone, which, of course, is great for intentional weight loss or weight gain or just making sure you're staying at your desired weight.

Smart scales are now widespread throughout the health and fitness market, and you can find one for as little as $30. So, if you're looking for a way to track your weight digitally, this might be the smart device for you.

10. Smart Forks

picture of fork

Yes, you read that right. Smart forks. Who knew that one day even our cutlery would have a Wi-Fi connection? Smart forks are useful in tracking and monitoring how often and how much you eat.

Again, this is great for those looking to change their diet or weight, but some see this as a little gimmicky and futile. These forks haven't really hit it off with the general public yet, but who knows, they may become the norm in the future.

The Future is Bright For Smart Tech

With our ever-increasing desire to surround ourselves with new kinds of technology, it's only natural to assume that smart devices will become more and more prevalent in our lives as time goes on. Who knows what kind of innovative smart device will be released next? We're excited to see it!


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