The 8 Best Online Project Management Courses


Whether you're looking to upskill to strengthen your skill set or for a new role, getting a certification in project management is a great step to take. Additional certifications can strengthen your resume, or teach you something interesting.

Here's the eight best free and paid online project management courses that can assist you in becoming a project management professional.


1. BrainSensei

A visualization of BrainSensie PMP course webpage

If you’re looking for online courses which will help you prepare for the Project Management Professional certification, you could try out BrainSensei. It offers story-based eLearning courses that don’t include boring lectures.

The PMP Exam preparation course will cover both traditional and agile project management practices in 35 contact hours. It also includes nine interactive modules, with multiple self-assessments after finishing each module. Even better, you can take four practice exams offering 800 practice questions, before the real thing.

The complete preparation course will cost you $499.99 and provide you with full access to all the materials for one year. You can sign up for the free trial, which will give you complete access to the first module of the PMP Exam Prep courses.


2. Simplilearn

Simplilearn Online PMP Courses website visual

You can utilize this course as preparation for the PMP certification test. It covers emerging trends and practices along with the core skills required of a Project Management Professional in the present time.

It also emphasizes strategic and business knowledge so that you can perform well as a project manager in any organization. The course duration is 35 contact hours, and it includes experiential learning methods backed up by case studies.

After enrollment, you can access the digital study materials from PMI and four simulation test papers that contain 180 questions each. Simplilearn will cost you $999, and you get flexible access to online classes for 90 days.


It covers skills like structural breakdown, resource allocation, leadership, Gantt charts, mathematical project scheduling models, project cost estimating, cost management, etc.

3. Alison

Image showing the webpage of Online PMP Courses Alison

Alison’s Diploma in Project Management course helps you to implement all projects phases like a seasoned professional. This free course will ensure that you get familiar with all the vital aspects of project management through a simple and straightforward process.

This course primarily contains three modules that will cover 28 topics. You may need 10-15 hours to complete all the modules, depending on your speed. After successful completion of this course, you should have the skills to push your career to the next level.

Besides elaborately describing the project management methodology, the course teaches you the major segments of the system development lifecycle. These segments include planning, design, analysis, and evaluation. It also offers resources that you can directly access and use as a knowledge base.


4. Coursera

An image of Online PMP Courses Coursera webpage

This online project management course is fully remote. You can complete the course from the comfort of your home. Coursera interactive and engaging course includes lectures and hands-on projects.

It’ll let you move your career in the right direction by assisting you to master the relevant skills of project management. This project-based curriculum will guide you to successfully administer the activity flows of projects during phases like initiation, planning, execution, and closing.

Coursera will also prepare you to execute project management tools and methods during any stage of a project. It covers four courses with three units each.

You can get started with this course for $777. You’ll need to invest six months to complete this whole course.


5. edX

Visualization of online PMP Courses edX website

Introduction to Project Management is a free online course that the University of Adelaide offers through edX. This course is perfect for those who need to manage projects but do not have any formal training as a project manager.

This self-paced course will require you to invest two to three hours per week. You can expect to finish it within six weeks. While you can participate in this course free of cost, paid upgrades are available if you want to dive deeper.

edX's fundamental course will teach you the core knowledge and applied skills for managing projects. Besides learning the essential communication skills, you’ll also know the reason behind the complexity of today’s projects.

The course applies practical methodologies to teach you project management basics. After completion, you’ll be able to apply your skills in real-life projects, regardless of their size and budget.


6. University of Washington

Image showing PMP Courses UofW website
University of Washington

The Certificate in Project Management course offers you the necessary skill and confidence to lead any complex project. This online course has flexible timing and duration. The course will help project managers working in the manufacturing, aerospace, construction, and technology industries.

In this certificate program, you’ll learn the skills today’s organizations want in their project managers. The curriculum includes Predictive and Agile methodologies that you can implement in running sophisticated projects that involve managing cross-functional teams.

The whole course will cost you $4,992, where you can learn about project scope management, selecting the right approach, and developing the budget and schedule of a project.


Moreover, strategic leadership, team-building, presentation skills, stakeholder management practices, risk management, and management procedures supervision are some of the highlighted topics of the course curriculum.

7. GreyCampus

Online PMP Courses GreyCampus image of the website

This training program is suitable for practicing project managers interested in the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. The study plan of this training includes five lesson modules and additional materials.

You’ll also enjoy the facility of one live mock exam solving session, where an instructor will clear your doubts to make you exam-ready. In addition, this course will give you access to study material, mentorship, and support for one year.

You have to spend USD 1,300 to complete this training. It’ll let you enjoy unlimited access to live boot camps for six months. Each boot camp consists of four days of intensive training led by a subject-matter expert.


8. Shaw Academy

A visualization Shaw Academy PMP course webpage
Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy's Project Management Certification Course will assist you in becoming a dynamic project manager who can flawlessly manage projects. The course duration is 17 weeks and includes 34 Lessons along with assessments.

This course will teach you how to develop, execute, and control a project successfully through four modules. You’ll also learn the latest project management tools and techniques.

Here, you’ll gain the experience of the full life cycle of a standard project. You can access this course and other courses offered by Shaw Academy for $69.99/month. But, you can enjoy unlimited free access for four weeks.

Conveniently Upskill Yourself From the Comfort of Home

Technological advancement and new methodologies keep bringing changes to project management. With theoretical and practical knowledge about the latest trends, the above courses let you smoothly advance in your career.



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