The Proscenic M7 Vacuum and Mop Robot Is a Self-Cleaning, All-in-One Powerhouse


The best robot vacuum mops do it all: a clean sweep and a thorough mop-down should come standard, no questions asked.

Proscenic sets the bar high with its all-new M7 Pro, a two-in-one vacuum mop robot that gets the job done right every single time.

What Is the Proscenic M7 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop?

A robotic vacuum mop with lots of features.

Proscenic's latest offering in the way of automatic robot vacuums is turning heads. The M7 Pro autonomously delivers Proscenic's most intelligent scrub yet. Between now and January 16th, you can save $200 on the Proscenic M7 Vacuum and Mop Robot when you buy it on Amazon.

A 17.7 suction chamber rated at 2700Pa works alongside a V-shaped roller brush, scouring its way through dirt and residue alike. What else can you expect out of the box?

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Advanced Navigation Features and Floor-Mapping

The Proscenic M7's floor-mapping capabilities go above and beyond.

The M7 Pro uses a 360-degree laser distance sensor to scan its surroundings for potential danger. It's able to use this information to determine the most efficient path through each room; the data also feeds into several anti-fall and anti-collision features, protecting it from trouble while on the job.

The Proscenic M7 Pro is self-sufficient and not one to be bested by everyday obstacles. 24 sensors and extra features like threshold management and furniture detection mean that you'll never find it stranded in your home like a beached whale. We love watching our M7 get the job done, but you'll never need to check up on it to see if it's upended itself.

You can still control its cleaning routine remotely when you need to, however. Its app or any smart hub allows you to manage your new assistant effortlessly, calling to to one room or another on command and even setting up no-fly zones for it to avoid.

A Self-Cleaning Station and Charging Hub

A Proscenic M7 Pro being cleaned at its charging station.

You bought the robot vacuum to clean the floors. Why would you want to clean that same filth off of the surface of your brand new M7 Pro?

The awesome thing about the Proscenic M7 is that you don't ever have to. Once its done its done its work and retired for the evening, it'll be treated to a five-star luxury spa experience, courtesy of its own, personal cleaning station. The thing will even empty the vacuum bot's dust compartment for you.

Excellent Performance on Every Type of Surface and With Any Type of Mess

The Proscenic M7 cleaning a hardwood floor.

The M7's unique Y-shaped mopping protocol passes over every inch of your floor a minimum of three times. Its vacuuming capability is also just as meticulous, leaving nary a stray crumb in sight.

Proscenic's M7 is highly adaptable not only when it comes to the type of flooring that it finds itself on—it's also tough enough to power through messes and disasters of any kind. Pet hair, unfortunate spills, and other detritus stand absolutely no chance.

BUY NOW The Proscenic M7 Robotic Vacuum

The Best Robotic Vacuum Has Finally Arrived

Big things come in small packages. Bring the Proscenic M7 Pro home today and watch your entire world transform.

How clean is clean? Before the M7 Pro, we truly had no idea.


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