Turn Speech to Text Wherever You Are With Nuance’s Dragon Anywhere


Getting your ideas down when you're on the go can be a difficult ask. If you're carrying a multitude of work-related items and a heavy laptop bag, you're unlikely to want to root around for a jotter and pen or typing on your smartphone, every time inspiration strikes.

Oh no, what you need is some dictation software so you can have someone (or rather, something) take your notes for you. Step in Nuance, with its popular Dragon Anywhere app. Which you can get for free, today.

Want to know more about the deal? Read on.

What Is Nuance Dragon Anywhere?

As the name might suggest Nuance Dragon Anywhere is a speech-to-text application that you can literally use anywhere. It is available as a standalone product for iOS and Android, at a cost of $150 per year. However, MUO readers can benefit from a full free year of Dragon Anywhere when they purchase Dragon Professional Individual.

To take advantage of this awesome deal that could see your productivity skyrocket, just click the link above and get your copy of Dragon Professional Individual (the desktop version of Nuance's speech-to-text and dictation software). You'll automatically get a year of Dragon Anywhere on top.

What Is So Good About Nuance's Dragon Software?

Well, Nuance has been developing Dragon products for years, now. This is why it is the market leader in dictation software. Thanks to these years of experience, its products are some of the most accurate speech-to-text software out there.

Think about it; if you're speaking your thoughts and an application is taking notes for you, you want those notes to actually represent your thoughts. With Nuance's Dragon range of apps, you will benefit from efficient typing that should be error free, even with business jargon.

Why Do You Need to Use Dictation Software?


Dictation software has a wide range of uses. However, first and foremost, it is there to enhance your productivity, saving you time on producing documents and transcribing notes, which you can then spend on more important work-related pursuits such as boosting your bottom line or standing by the water cooler.

Second, if you're not the fastest typist, then you'll definitely benefit from using Dragon Anywhere and Professional Individual. If you can speak faster than you type, then this is an excellent solution to improving your workflow, streamlining the process and making your keyboard feel somewhat redundant.

Create Documents With Your Voice

As you can see, if you want to boost your productivity and make document creation easier while you're running between offices, Nuance's Dragon Anywhere can help you make important amendments on the move.


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