Twitter Is Testing an Option to Let You Flag Tweets as "Misleading"


Social media platforms have become synonymous with misinformation, especially in the past year. To help combat this, Twitter is testing a new option that will let users report tweets as “misleading”.

Twitter Is Testing an Option to Report Tweets as Misleading

As announced by Twitter Safety on the platform, the social media giant is currently testing a new option which will let users report tweets as “misleading”. Currently, Twitter has misinformation labels it can display on tweets, but the new option will introduce user reporting.

In the tweet, Twitter explained it's currently testing the feature in the US, South Korea, and Australia for “some people”. While the company hasn't been very specific, the user selection is most likely random–just like whenever Twitter tests a feature. If you don't see the option, don't panic; if you do, lucky you.

With the new option, users will now be able to report “misleading” tweets, with options for different types of tweets including political and COVID-19 related.

So far, Twitter hasn't explained what will happen after a user reports a tweet. The company did mention that users shouldn’t expect a response to each report, rather it will help the platform identify trends. From the limited information, it seems the new option will work like each of Twitter's other reporting options.

Of course, since the feature is currently in testing, a public rollout isn't guaranteed. Twitter could choose to scrap the new option before it's released. It's a useful new option, so hopefully the platform goes forward with its plans.

How to Report Tweets as Misleading

If you've been included in Twitter's testing userbase, you might be wondering just how to report a tweet as misleading. Luckily, the process should be somewhat familiar to you. And what's more, it's the same steps regardless of which device you use.

Open up Twitter and head to the tweet that you're trying to report as misleading. Once you're on the tweet, click or tap the three dots to the top-right corner of the tweet,

Report tweet as misleading screenshot

You'll see the option to Report tweet next to a little flag icon at the bottom of the new window, press it. You'll now see a list of reporting options, you're looking for the one that reads It's misleading. Of course, if another option is more suitable, opt for that one.

Twitter Is Trying Harder to Tackle Misinformation

As misinformation has been increasing on the platform, Twitter has tried to take action. Unfortunately, the current labels on tweets aren't always reliable. It's great to see the new option, which will hopefully help to tackle the problem more reliably.


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