We’re Not Going to Be at CES 2022 Because of COVID-19, and It’s a Real Bummer


Usually, around this time of year, readers can expect to see an abundance of first-hand coverage of one of the most important tech events of the year: CES 2022. After missing out on it last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, we were really looking forward to getting our hands dirty once more.

There's a lot in the news about this unfortunate turn of events. Here's the latest so far. RIP CES 2022. We hardly knew ye.

COVID-19 Has Ruined CES 2022 for Everybody

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After one incredibly disappointing year attending an emergency remote convention, we regret to inform our readership that, despite the fact that there will indeed be a physical CES convention this year in Las Vegas, our team has made the decision to sit this one out in light of our current COVID-19 forecast.

As the Omicron surge rages on, new travel mandates and other restrictions are being announced weekly. While all of us are perfectly capable of making it to CES despite these restrictions, the safety of our team remains a top priority. We just can't take this risk.

We're not the only ones who will be tuning in from home, however. Many CES regulars are dropping out, including several members of Big Tech.

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Meta, Amazon, and Twitter: Nobody Is Going to CES 2022

According to Bloomberg, all three of these tech giants have declined to make an appearance at CES this year. Others are following suit, including Lenovo, Intel, and many more. Some will send virtual displays for visitors to check out, but plenty have separated themselves from CES 2022 entirely.

Ordinarily, more than 2,100 influential industry brands on average partake in what many regard as the most highly-anticipated tech event of the year. Those numbers dwindle by the day, and many expect the entire thing to fall through if these trends continue unabated.

We do plan on covering everything that we can virtually. While we always seek to provide cutting-edge, up-close-and-personal coverage of all of our favorite industry events, we will have to compromise again this year.

Is Anybody Going to CES 2022?

As of the time of this writing, Sony and Alphabet plan on attending with in-person brand ambassadors, among many others, but these affirmations appear to be shaky at best.

CES online will still be pretty cool. You already know that we'll be here with the latest from every brand that makes it out to Vegas this year.


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