What Devices Would You Find In A Smart Kitchen?


Smart technology can bring us to the pinnacle of convenience. Automatic functions, monitoring, updates, reminders—it's really a neverending list.

And now smart homes are becoming an increasingly common trend. So what devices could you buy if you wanted a totally smart kitchen? We're highlighting some of the most useful smart kitchen technology.

1. Smart Bulbs

smart bulb on table

Smart light bulbs differ from traditional bulbs, in that they can connect to your Wi-Fi router and allow you to turn them on and off from anywhere. Additionally, some light bulbs offer the option of timed on and off periods, which can save you a lot of electricity.

You can also get smart bulbs that can change colors whenever you want. Using your smartphone, you can control the color, or color scheme, of your lightbulbs.

2. Smart Kettles

smarter wifi kettle product photo
Image Credit: Stevewoodmeuk/Wikimedia Commons

You may not think you'd need to hook up your kettle Wi-Fi, but smart kettles have some great benefits. You can control the exact temperature that your kettle boils to. So if you want warm or hot water, rather than boiling, smart kettles allow you to make this choice.

Additionally, you can heat water remotely using a smart kettle. So if you're a few minutes away from home, or you're about to come out of the bath, you'll have your water ready to go by the time you're ready.

Some smart kettles can also be controlled using voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, allowing you to turn the kettle on and off just using your voice.

3. Smart Ovens

woman using smart oven
Image Credit: Cailinsadler/Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever forgotten to get the food out of the oven, or to turn the temperature up or down accordingly? These are common mistakes. However, with a smart oven, cooking is brought to the height of convenience.

Smart ovens can connect to your smartphone, your home assistant, and other smart devices in your home. With these ovens, you can monitor your food, alter the temperature, and control functions using your voice. You can also receive alerts on when your food is ready, avoiding the classic fire alarm reminder you'll get when your food is already long past edible.

4. Smart Microwaves

russell hobbs microwave

Smart microwaves are similar to smart ovens. They can connect to your other digital devices via Wi-Fi. You can use this connection to remotely control the microwave and get alerts for when your food is ready.

An interesting additional feature offered by some smart microwaves is the ability to scan the barcodes of food products, and then use a database to find the exact cooking instructions for any given product. This way you don't have to explicitly give the microwave any cooking instructions, as it already knows what to do.

5. Smart Scales

black kitchen scales

Smart scales are a cut above regular kitchen scales, in that they can detect a number of other aspects beyond just weight.

Smart scales can connect to your smartphone via Wi-Fi, and tell you the calorie content of the food being weighed. It can also inform you of some other dietary information, such as fat, fiber, and cholesterol content. That's perfect for anyone looking to become a more healthy eater.

You can also link your smart scale app to your smartphone's primary health app—such as Samsung or Apple Health—to get a better picture of your overall health.

6. Automatic Vacuums

roomba on wooden floor
Image Credit: Kārlis Dambrāns/Wikimedia Commons

No one likes pulling the vacuum out multiple times a day. It can be inconvenient and tiresome. But with automatic vacuums, you've got a cleaning assistant ready to go at any time.

Automatic vacuums can clean your floors without any human intervention. The vacuums connect to your smartphone via Wi-Fi, allowing you to schedule operation and receive updates.

Automatic vacuums also have sensors that can dodge obstacles and locate the presence of dirt for removal. Many can even remember the layout of your home.

7. Hydroponic Planters

white hydroponic planter

While some find it easy to grow herbs and vegetables in regular pots, it can be quite complicated. Different vegetation needs different light exposure and amounts of water. This is where hydroponic planters can help.

Hydroponic planters contain sensors that monitor water levels. Top lights change depending on the type of vegetation you're growing. The lights on these planters can also be set on timers, and some even come with fans to cool or dry plants. These planters are great for plant novices, or those who want a more convenient way to grow herbs and vegetables indoors.

Smart Home Devices Can Make Time in the Kitchen Easier

With these smart kitchen appliances, you can really make things a lot easier for yourself.

While you might be hesitant to incorporate smart technology into a home, these devices can save you time, and make common tasks even easier.


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