YouTube Starts Showing Video Chapters in Search Results


YouTube is a great source for informative and tutorial videos, but sometimes it's hard to find the exact point of the video that discusses what you want to learn about. YouTube chapters helped make video navigation easy, and now you can find the perfect chapter right from YouTube's search engine.

The YouTube Blog featured a full-blown post discussing the new features coming to the popular video-sharing service. One of them is a revamped search results page that displays the chapters in a video on the search page itself.

In case you missed them, chapters are segments of a video as defined by the uploader. They're a handy way to navigate a video without needing to click around the timeline to find the bit you want. For example, if someone reviews five items in one video, they can create a chapter for each item. That way, viewers can see each chapter on the timeline and click on the product they want to jump to.

Previously, you couldn't see if a video had chapters in the search results. If you wanted to skip to a specific part in a video, you just had to click the search result and hope that the uploader had added chapters to their video.

Now, you don't need to hope anymore. Just scroll through the search results like normal, and YouTube will show you if a video has chapters on it. In addition, it will tell you how many chapters a video has, along with each chapter's title, timestamp, and thumbnail. So if a video uses a lot of chapters, you can scroll through them to find the one you want.

That's no all that's coming to YouTube. In the mobile app, YouTube will also begin autoplaying videos in the search results so you can see if it suits your needs or not. And videos that have full subtitles in your mother tongue will begin appearing too, even if the actual content is in an entirely different language.

All of these features are now live, so keep an eye out for any changes the next time you search YouTube on desktop or mobile.

A New Face for YouTube

YouTube is always working away on making its platform better, and now a few more features have made their way onto it. Now you can browse video chapters after a search to see if it's right for you.

This isn't the only thing YouTube has tweaked recently. The entertainment giant also experimented with hiding the dislike count entirely.


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